End of another successful Workshop: ‘Social Media and Cyber Security’

University of Hertfordshire ACM Student Chapter presented the workshop ‘Social Media and Cyber Security’ on 5th of December 2017. Social media websites enable users to create and share moments of their personal lives by letting users participate in social networking activities. Statistics show there are 2.46 billion social media users in 2017 and the numbers are constantly increasing. However, the amount of personal information the users share also come with a high risk for security threats exposing the users’ identities too much.

We invited Dr Olga Angelopoulou, Senior Lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire, to discuss the relevance and following consequences of the social media in our lives. Her research interests are in the areas of digital forensics, cybercrimes and information security. Following the keynote talk, Seyedali Pourmoafi, PhD Research Student in Networking and Cyber Security, presented an open source program called Maltego. Maltego allows you to retrieve peoples’ information associated with a person’s name, email or website and shared publicly. We are proud to say that Pourmoafi is also a UH ACM Student chapter member.

The workshop was a great success. It was chaired with the most prestigious participation of Prof William Clocksin. Prof Clocksin is Dean of the UH School of Computer Science and an expert in pattern recognition in large data sets for application in Cyber Security. Several students and staff members attended our event showing interest and engaging the speakers in a brilliant discussion. The event ended with an award ceremony for thanking the current ACM chapter officers for their work and commitment.

University of Hertfordshire ACM Student Chapter would like to thank Dr Olga Angelopoulou and Mr Seyedali Pourmoafi for sharing their expertise. We would also like to thank Prof William Clocksin and all the volunteers for their tremendous support in making this workshop a success.


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