Our first workshop with UH Bold Hearts was a massive success

On 11th of October, 2017 we held our first workshop, ‘Afternoon tea with the UH RoboCup team, Bold Hearts’ at University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. RoboCup is an internationally renowned competition to promote robotics and AI research. Bold Hearts is the RoboCup team representing the University of Hertfordshire. They are the longest continuously active RoboCup team in the United Kingdom, and one of the most successful. The team was founded in 2002 by Prof. Daniel Polani, who recently became also the President of the RoboCup Federation. 

The workshop brought together researchers and students from the UH RoboCup team to talk, discuss and share their experience on the challenges to robotics. There were 46 UH student and staff participation in this workshop. The workshop keynote speech ‘RoboCup: Robot Soccer – The Final Frontier’ by Prof. Daniel Polani introduces the history of robots and why people chose to do a RoboCup competition to encourage the development of robots and what challenges robotics still have. The speech was followed by a demonstration of the robots, Oberon and Ywain by Alessandra Rossi, the UH Bold Hearts team member, and UH ACM student chapter member. 

The workshop raised a lot of interest among attendees who were given the opportunity to discuss and share their experiences with the RoboCup team members. The University of Hertfordshire ACM Student Chapter would like to thank UH Bold Hearts team for their tremendous support in making this workshop a success.

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